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SOE Logotypes & Colors

Last modified: January 14, 2016


The SOE logo adheres to the university's new branding practices. It is an important element in creating consistent communication. For this reason, you may not alter the logo in any way. 

These are the primary School of Education formal logos to be used in communications to outside audiences.


Horizontal EPS | PNG | JPG

Vertical EPS | PNG | JPG

How to insert a graphic from a file into a Word document

  1. Download JPG file
  2. In MS Word, on the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.
  3. Browse to your graphic file.
  4. Click the file, and then click Insert.
  5. To resize: click the picture inserted, in the Format Picture dialog select Size, enter values for image width. Click OK.


LOGOTYPES | Sub Units (Academic Departments)

Sub Unit logos to be used in communications to outside audiences. Sub-unit signatures follow a similar layout to the formal signature.  Sub unit branding must be requested by each program. To do so, send a request to



PMS: 282 (coated and uncoated)
CMYK: C100 / M60 / Y0 / K60
HEX: #00274c

PMS: 7406 (coated and uncoated)
CMYK: C0 / M18 / Y100 / K0
HEX: #ffcb05



Additional accent colors can be found on the University branding site.
The School of Education brand is in strict alignment with the University of Michigan branding.