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SOE Building Renovation Timeline - Phase 3

Contact: Michael Napolitan, Facilities Manager
Last modified: July 23, 2014

January 1, 2015 -  April 30, 2015

Phase 3 will consist of creating construction access to the northeast mechanical room, removing existing SF-2 and installing AHU-7 in its place. Heating hot water piping and chilled water piping will be installed in the north tunnel to connect to AHU-7 and valved and capped for future connections to perimeter heating hot water fin tube radiation on the first and second floor of the north building. SF-3 and all steam heat to the north portion of the building will remain active during phase 3. No occupants will be displaced during phase 3 and access to the elevator and stairs in the northeast corner will not be affected.

SOE Building Renovation Phase 1