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Request for Waiver of Employment Limit

Contact: Mary Delano, Executive Assistant/Events Manager
Last modified: August 28, 2017

In the fall of 2001, the School of Education (SOE) enacted a policy that limited the employment of School of Education graduate students to the equivalent of a .50 appointment during the fall and winter terms. This policy pertains not only to GSRA, GSI, and GSSA appointments but also to temporary hourly appointments.

Student appointments in fall and winter terms may not exceed the equivalent of .50 (20 hrs/week) through either assistantship or hourly support from the School.

This employment policy is strictly enforced for appointments within the School of Education, but the "intended spirit" of this policy applies to all sources of employment of SOE graduate students.


Relevant employment opportunities are valuable for student learning. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure not only that work assignments do not interfere with students making timely progress toward completion of degree requirements but also that employment opportunities and resources are reasonably and equitably distributed among SOE graduate students.

Waivers for Special Circumstances

When special circumstances exist, students may apply for a waiver of the 50% employment "cap". Waiver requests should summarize the applicant's GSRA, GSI, or GSSA assignment and the corresponding employment fraction, describe the additional employment for which the waiver is sought and the affected term(s), an explanation of any special circumstances that give rise to this exceptional situation, and a statement regarding how this additional employment affects your progress toward your degree completion. In addition, waiver requests must be accompanied by a letter from the student's advisor indicating support for the request and commenting on the expected impact of the additional employment on the student's progress toward her or his degree.

All waiver requests should be submitted to Ed Silver, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, (cc: Mary DeLano) for review and approval. Waiver requests must be submitted in advance of additional employment. We encourage early submission of employment waivers as these requests are reviewed periodically and it may take two weeks to receive email approval. Until a waiver is approved, additional work hours beyond 20 ​will not be paid.

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