Forms & Guidelines

Policies and Procedures for Design Requests

Last modified: September 08, 2016

All units who make a request for design support are to send their project requests to our Footprint request ticket system by emailing directly to:

All communication will be made and tracked on that same ticket throughout the process so everyone sees the same communication until it is complete.

Please add in the subject line:product you are requesting (ie: Brochure, posters, digital signs, etc.)

Once the communications unit receives your email request the assignee will follow up letting you know we have received it and will ask any clarifying questions at that time prior to starting project.

We understand that occasionally, extenuating circumstances will cause a slight deviation from these procedures. Please try to anticipate in advance any problems or time-sensitive issues that may entail extra consideration during the design process. The process always works best when these procedures are followed.

To Make Your Request you will need to have the following information in the ticket prior to us starting your project:

Event (name and date of the event) 

Deadline date (final product complete and in your hands)

Final Text (this text will be sent via electronic copy and has been PRE APPROVED by all constituents involved in the project prior to sending in your request.)We reserve the right to edit the text for School of Education and University of Michigan style.

Artwork (logos, photos, illustrations, graphs, tables, etc.) that you want to use need to be attached to the ticket.If you want/need the communications unit to help you with finding photos or creating the artwork, please make note of that in your original request.

Other information to consider

  • Think about  who your "key players/decision makers" are and determine if they need to be added to the cc list on your original request.
  • Do you need it printed?
  • How many copies you will need when design is complete?
  • Color or black white?
  • If not printed, what format do you want final to be in – PDF, TIFF, JPEG

Because there are many other projects in the work queue at one given time, we must prioritize.  We require 5 business days to complete the design – starting from the time we receive your full request complete with all the items above.

You will be notified up front if your project is larger and needs more than 5 business days to complete.At that time we can estimate a more appropriate time frame for you depending on our work queue and the size of your project.

Final Editing and Approval

Once we have completed your design we will send you a pdf document for final approval.

If you need to make an edit to the copy, you can send those edits to us via the ticket and we will make the changes for you.

We will then have our editor review the final document before we send the document in PDF format back to you for a FINAL approval from you.

Once we have your final approval, we will then close the ticket.

Document to Print (Vendors)

If you want us to help assist with the printing process, once the product is complete and approved by your department, we will send the document along with an email message to the appropriate printer vendor with your name and contact information on it so that you can work with the printer regarding payment. You will be cc’d on that email to the printer.

Printer vendor will deliver to your department directly when complete.