Forms & Guidelines

Flexible Scheduling Policy

Last modified: July 23, 2014

It is important to acknowledge that employees are people with lives independent of work. A balance for family time, work time and education time is important to employees. Supervisors may want to consider supporting a flexible work schedule, where appropriate. While flexible work schedules are not applicable to all jobs, employees, or work environments, they can be a valuable tool to increase staff retention and staff satisfaction. It must be made clear, however, that fairness to all members of a unit takes precedence in determining work schedules. All possible impacts on work productivity and support to faculty, students and co-workers must be considered. Staff members need to understand that a flexible work schedule is not an entitlement.

Flexibility in work schedules is becoming more valued by many employees. This can be a significant factor in someone’s decision to remain with his/her current position. Supervisors must have a clear understanding of the University of Michigan policies regarding work schedules, potential payroll implications, and the differences between exempt and non-exempt status before implementing any flexible work schedules within their units.

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