Fall 2017 Educational Justice Internship & Independent Study Opportunity

At the School of Education, our effort to study and improve educational practice, policy and the contexts of teaching and learning is inseparable from our determination to develop more effective and socially just education systems. This mission is grounded in our commitment to promote diversity and to advance equity and inclusion. This semester we would like to offer an SOE graduate student the opportunity to assist and learn about our justice-oriented efforts through an internship that can be taken for academic credit.

Applications due Friday, September 8, 2017 by 5 p.m.

Responsibilities & Opportunities

This intern will partner with the SOE Education Diversity Advisory Council (EDAC) and other SOE faculty, staff, and student groups involved with implementing diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity (dije) initiatives to lend organizational and administrative support with those efforts. Such support will include attending relevant meetings, offering ideas and feedback, gathering and analyzing SOE programmatic data, assisting with programming, and project development. The intern will be mentored by a faculty supervisor and will co-create a customized learning plan to foster her/his scholarly inquiry and dije-related professional development. The graduate internship will involve offering up to 10 hours of work a week for up to 3 academic credits. 


  • SOE graduate student enrollment
  • Good academic standing o Evidence of equity-oriented, educational commitments
  • Evidence of relevant professional history and/or research development
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Responsible and conscientious about handling sensitive information and data

Application Requirements

To apply please submit the following to Dr. Camille M. Wilson at camillew@umich.edu:

  • 1 page general information sheet (see attachment)
  • 2 page statement of interest and qualification
  • CV
  • List of 2 SOE faculty references, including advisor

Members of the EDAC will review applications and complete the selection process in time for the intern to enroll for independent study credit by the September 25, 2017 deadline.