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Ron Ketelhut, Student

Ron Ketelhut


Before Ron Ketelhut graduated in 2011, he said, "What I love about the TE program is that you truly enter a small community within the School of Education. Your classes are small, and your cohort becomes very close very fast. It's nice going through an experience with a small community that shares the same passion for your subject matter and education in general."

Our mission is to prepare elementary and secondary teachers who are capable of and committed to a lifetime of inquiry in teaching and to a powerful education for all students in our diverse society. We believe that public education is a vital element in a dynamic and just democracy.

If you pursue teacher certification in the teacher education program at the University of Michigan, you will study with an exceptional group of faculty, instructors, and cooperating teachers, all dedicated to the improvement of schooling and to your professional growth. You will progress with a cohort of your peers in a spirit of dialogue, debate, and cooperation. You will combine and connect challenging educational and academic coursework with guided experiences in schools. And you will put together your commitment to young people, your intellectual curiosity, and your spirit of adventure in one of the most demanding and rewarding professions available at a time of great need and great challenge.

At the School of Education, we combine the strength of one of the nation's top research universities with a lengthy history of training effective teachers. Our faculty and researchers are examining and assessing the numerous factors that enable or inhibit successful teaching and school leadership. Much of our efforts are focused on the teacher's and administrator's vital and powerful roles in students' learning. Our teacher education programs embody up-to-the-minute research and understanding of the optimum methods for teacher preparation. Our leadership preparation program combines emphasis on the development of capabilities to engage the work of continuous school improvement, while also gaining competence in the specific skills required of the school principal.

We invite you to learn more about the teacher and administrator certification programs we offer.

Recommended Requirements for Obtaining a Teaching Certificate and/or Endorsement

The majority of coursework related to the desired certificate or endorsement must be completed through the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

  1. Enrollment as an undergraduate, special undergraduate, graduate student, or non-candidate for degree student at the University of  Michigan - Ann Arbor.
  2. Completion of
    • An approved teacher preparation program* for initial provisional certification, or
    • A planned program** for additional endorsements, or
    • Required credits for provisional certificate renewals or advancement to professional certification.
  3. Submission of a completed application and supporting documentation for the desired certificate, renewal, or additional endorsement.

*What is a teacher preparation program?

A teacher preparation program is a college or university approved by the State Board of Education to prepare teachers and recommend them for a certificate to teach. The University of Michigan School of Education offers approved teacher preparation programs at both the undergraduate and master's degree levels.

**What is a planned program?

A planned program is intended to construct a unified plan aimed at providing the certification candidate with both additional background and depth of understanding in a field of study or inquiry that will enhance her/his previous teacher preparation training and continue his/her professional development as an educator.

  • A master's degree program is a planned program. The master's degree is planned with an assigned faculty advisor after admission to the specific master's degree program.
  • A master's degree in law or business or theology or medicine is not acceptable for use toward teacher certification through the University of Michigan. Additionally, if there is any question about whether a master's degree or additional coursework can be applied to a certificate renewal or advancement to a new certificate, specific approval from the Teacher Education Program is required.
  • An endorsement program at the University of Michigan is a planned program that prepares one to teach a new major or minor subject area. Coursework for an additional endorsement must be approved by a Teacher Education advisor. In addition to completion of the coursework required for the additional endorsement, success on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in the new subject(s) is required.