Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)

Degree: Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Elementary Teacher Certification

ELMAC 20th Anniversary Conference

We can’t wait to see you and to talk together about the important work of teaching in 2017 and beyond. Alumni and ELMAC faculty have planned a lively day full of opportunities for you to reunite with other educators and reinvigorate your teaching by sharing your stories of practice and reflecting on your work in the company of other committed educators.

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How do we learn to pay attention to kids and content in ways that help us create lively, meaningful instruction? How do we care for and teach children who face social, economic, and linguistic challenges? How do teachers work together to create change in schools? Elementary Master of Arts with Certification students, cooperating teachers, and faculty puzzle through these questions and more in academic courses and year-long teaching internships in elementary and middle schools. Are you ready to make a career shift into teaching?

Join us and immerse yourself in a year filled with curious children, engaging colleagues, and thoughtful, intellectually challenging approaches to teaching and learning.

As an Elementary Master of Arts with Certification intern, you will be part of an intensive, full-time program that begins in late June and finishes in mid-June the following year.

You will develop the professional and personal knowledge, dispositions, and skills to be a teacher who can engage diverse groups of children in thoughtful learning. Through academic courses and supported K-8 classroom experiences, you will develop the reflective tools you need to think deeply about and improve your teaching practices, to learn in the company of colleagues, and to work toward the improvement of education of all children.

Teacher Certification

The Elementary Master of Arts with Certification program prepares you for teacher certification in:

With successful completion of the program, you will earn a master of arts in educational studies degree and a recommendation for Michigan teacher certification.

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