Academic Programs

Bachelor's Degree Programs

We offer undergraduate programs leading to bachelor's of arts or science degrees. All of our undergraduate programs prepare teachers with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to be superior teachers who can reach all students. These programs culminate in a bachelor's degree and recommendation for provisional Michigan teaching certification.

Master's Degree Programs

We have master of arts programs that include either elementary or secondary teaching certification. We also offer customizable master's programs through the Educational Studies program that combine training and knowledge in emerging areas with disciplinary expertise and hands-on professional experiences. Master's degree programs offered by the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education provide individuals with a general understanding of higher education as a field of practice and inquiry, while allowing the flexibility for students to probe more deeply into areas of specialized interest.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctor of philosophy degrees are available through both the Educational Studies program and through the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education. In addition, the school houses two interdisciplinary doctoral programs, the Joint Program in English and Education and the Combined Program in Education and Psychology.

Education for Empowerment Minor

The Education for Empowerment minor is designed for students interested in examining the critical role of education in building our individual and collective capacity to advance the aims of justice and democracy in society.

Teacher Certification

Our mission is to prepare elementary and secondary teachers who are capable of and committed to a lifetime of inquiry in teaching and to a powerful education for all students in our diverse society. We believe that public education is a vital element in a dynamic and just democracy. If you pursue teacher certification in the teacher education program at the University of Michigan, you will study with an exceptional group of faculty, instructors, and cooperating teachers, all dedicated to the improvement of schooling and to your professional growth. You will progress with a cohort of your peers in a spirit of dialogue, debate, and cooperation. You will combine and connect challenging educational and academic coursework with guided experiences in schools. And you will put together your commitment to young people, your intellectual curiosity, and your spirit of adventure in one of the most demanding and rewarding professions available at a time of great need and great challenge. We invite you to learn more about the teacher certification programs we offer.

MicroMaster's Program

The School of Education MicroMasters allows learners to take five courses that focus on innovation and educational improvement overall and in science curriculum. The courses can be used by career teachers to advance their current knowledge or, if enrolled at U-M, can shave a semester off of the typical four-semester master’s programs in Educational Leadership and Policy, Teaching and Learning, New Media and Literacy, and Urban Pedagogy.


From an "Introduction to Education" to "Advanced Topics in Learning Technologies," the school offers a host of classes on a range of topics that will help students understand historical and contemporary education issues and learn analytic and methodological skills to assess and investigate the now while making improvements for the future.

Financial Aid

There are sources of funding for students in every degree program.

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